GRDP Application Procedure

Applications for GRDP 2013-2014 - OPENS November 15th, 2013 - DEADLINE November 22nd, 2013!


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Procedure for Submitting Applications

Your completed GRDP application has 3 components that must all be submitted by the deadline of the funding cycle.

  1. GRDP Registration Form Fill out the Form (DOWNLOAD HERE) - After your done CONVERT to PDF format then UPLOAD it to the Scholar Site
  2. GRDP Proposal Document: Fill out the GRDP proposal document (DOWNLOAD HERE) (if necessary, one supporting file) and upload them to the Scholar site. All forms should be in ONE PDF format
  3. Validation: Your Advisor's DIGITAL SIGNATURE is required on your GRDP Registration Form to validate your application.

Application Submission Procedure

All applicants must use the VT Scholar system ( to submit their application material. Please follow these steps to enroll into the VT Scholar system and submit your application.

  1. Enrolling into the “ GSA GRDP Fall 2013” at the Scholar site (Note: The Scholar site will be activated SOON!!):
    • Go to
    • Log into VT Scholar using your PID and password
    • Under the “My Workspace” tab click “Membership”
    • Click “Joinable Sites”
    • Click “Join” for the “ GSA GRDP Fall 2013”
    • A new tab called “ GSA GRDP Fall 2013 ” will be created. Click on it.
  2. Uploading your application:
    • Click on the “Drop Box”
    • In front of “your name” folder, there are two dropdown menus, “Add” and “Action”, click on the “Add” and select “Upload Files”
    • Use “Browse” to locate and upload you application (You must use .pdf format for all your documents otherwise will not be accepted)
    • Merge all documents in the following order: Registration Form, Proposal Document, Supporting Information. Save them as a single PDF document using the filename as “PID_Department.pdf”. For example, if you are a graduate student in Computer science department and your PID is, your GRDP Proposal document should have a name “mary_CS.pdf”.
    • Click on “Upload Files Now”


Ask your advisor to validate your application by reading it and adding their DIGITAL SIGNATURE to your GRDP Registration Form. It is your responsibility to ensure that your advisor has validated your application. Please make sure that you have provided a faculty email address in your Registration Form which should be a address.

Incomplete Applications

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Due to the large number of applicants each cycle, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete. The GRDP chair will not be able to inform applicants that their applications are incomplete before the due date. When all applications are processed for completeness, the chair will inform those applicants whose applications are complete via email and post an announcement in Scholar stating that applicants who haven’t received an email have incomplete applications.

About the GRDP Proposal document

The GRDP Proposal document contains the following three parts:

    • The abstract should be no longer than 250 words in length excluding the title of your project.
    • Describe your project as concisely as possible. Please keep your project description to a MAXIMUM of 2 pages.
    • If necessary, additional supporting material that contains tables, graphs, charts, and/or at most 1 page of references (single space - font no smaller than 12 pt) can be submitted as another file.
    • Address the following items, keeping in mind the evaluation criteria: 1. Significance of the project 2. Specific research problem 3. Research methodology and/or procedures for gathering data 4. A time schedule for the completion of the project
    • Keep in mind your application will be reviewed by graduate students who may or may not be within your department. You must present an application that can be comprehensible to anyone in any discipline.
    • Justify all of your requested budget items. Projects will be funded at a MAXIMUM amount of $700 for doctoral (terminal degree) and $500 for Master’s level.
    • Regardless, remember that a GRDP grant is intended to be one source of research funds, not the sole source of research funds.
    • If the total cost of your proposed research is more than $700 (or $500 for Master’s) make sure to indicate other source(s) of funding.

Please note that the GRDP evaluation process is a blind process.  Please refrain from stating your personal information (e.g. name, advisor’s name, etc.) in the GRDP proposal document (note that your PID will appear on your document name and on the registration form).


GRDP Proposal document and Others


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